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Quality, reliability, innovation


Quality, reliability, innovation


Quality, reliability, innovation

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Quality, reliability, innovation

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Quality, reliability, innovation



    Dear Interested, Dear Partner

     VIV Zrt.  Performs mainstream, general execution, design, implementation and maintenance tasks in Hungary, but also performs significant construction activities in Germany.

    Our most important goal is to fulfill the requirements of our domestic and foreign clients with the required conditions in good quality, with which our colleagues have a decade of professional experience, and are also prepared by the company's continuously maintained and audited quality assurance system, MSZ EN ISO 9001, environmental management systems MSZ EN ISO 14001 and workplace health and safety management MSZ 45001 and certifications in different fields ABOS 2, 3; NATO is suitable for shipping. In addition to factories and industrial plants, sporting, educational and cultural facilities, airports and public transport investments, office buildings and shopping centers, the implementation of IT, process control and other special tasks indicates our activity, for which you can obtain detailed information in the References menu. For further information on our business activities and services, please contact us with confidence, for which helpful help can be found in the Contact menu


    Following its renewal in 1996, the activity of VIV Zrt., whose professional history goes back to Villanyszerelőipari Vállalat (Electricity Installation Company) founded in 1963, is marked by the completion of important facilities such as the participation in the construction of the Pécs-Pogány airport as an electric and general contractor, the complete construction  of the electrical networks of the Study and Information Center of the University of Szeged, and the reconstruction of Ferihegy Airport Terminal 1 as a main electricity contractor. More detailed information about these projects can be found in the References menu together with more of our reference works.

    Our company has devoted – and devotes today - more attention to increasing the professional skills of our employees, using modern technologies and modernizing the organization.

    VIV Zrt., with its secure financial background, quality logistics relations, technical and professional skills and wide experiences, as well as its own contractor and installation companies and the capacity of the Bicske factory, is a capable and secure partner in performing industrial, constructional and electricity projects, including turnkey projects, as a contractor, general contractor or main contractor.

    During the completion of the projects, we undertake design and planning tasks, including professional advice and completing concept, permission or implementation plans.


    • MSZ EN ISO 9001 Quality management system
    • MSZ EN ISO 14001 Environmental management system
    • MSZ EN ISO 45001 Health and work safety management system
    • MSZ EN ISO 50001 Energy management system
    • SCC ** Workplace safety, health and environmental protection management system
    • NATO Site safety certificate
    • ABOS 2,3 Permission to perform work on the site of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant

    Other certicitations

    Since its foundation, VIV Zrt. has been striving for high technical and quality service of customer demands, thus continuously applying internationally recognized quality assurance systems that fit into the company's activities. We continuously operate an MSZ EN ISO 9001 quality management system, MSZ EN ISO 14001 environmental management system, and MSZ 45001 occupational health and safety management system, as well as a NATO-compliant (previously MSZ EN ISO 9002:1996).

    Our quality policy states that the management and all employees of VIV Zrt are committed to meeting the demands of our customers and partners at the highest possible quality level. By applying and fully complying with the principles and requirements of our quality policy, we can ensure the preservation and expansion of our company's market positions, as well as the satisfaction of our customers, partners and employees.  We continuously develop our corporate processes to meet the requirements of the market and ensure their efficiency through continuous monitoring.  We encourage our suppliers and subcontractors to build their own quality management system and adopt the quality requirements we set.

    Special certifications that support our professional competencies include ABOS 2; 3 Nuclear Power Plant Supplier Qualification and the NATO Supplier entitlement.

    For our company, certifications and awards won as a professional recognition of the quality of our activities provide important feedback, such as the ÉVOSZ Construction Design Award won in 2006 as the electric general contractor for the reconstruction of „Budapest Ferihegy International Airport Terminal 1”.